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Publicize your recruitment event on the GRE® page on Facebook®, Weibo and WeChat

Take advantage of this great benefit for GRE® score users! Have your graduate or business school recruitment event listed in our monthly postings of Upcoming School Information Sessions on the official GRE® General Test page on Facebook, Sina Weibo and WeChat. Just complete and submit the form below at least 45 days prior to your event, and we'll take it from there!

Here is an example of how the posting will appear:

  1. University of AnyName — School of XYZ, EventName (on campus)
  2. RSVP: http://EventURL
  3. Wednesday, January X, 20XX, AnyCity, AnyState, AnyCountry

Note that fields marked with an * are required.

  1. Requestor Information:

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Event 1 Information

This information will be published as provided, so be sure to check abbreviations, spelling, etc., and review before submitting.

We publish the Information Sessions postings to our Facebook, Weibo and WeChat pages on or about the last week of each month. Your event will be published in the month prior to its date.

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To create a new event, click Create New Event.

To add a new date for the same event, click Add New Date.

Click Submit when done adding events.